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Neil Diamond on being in denial for two years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease

Neil Diamond has recently spoken openly about his experience of living with Parkinson’s disea…
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Neil Diamond, who has sold over 130 million records, is the subject of a new Broadway show called “A Beautiful Noise”. He described attending the show’s opening as a “dream come true” and an “absolutely wonderful” experience.

Accompanied by his wife, Katie, 82-year-old Neil Diamond, who has seldom performed since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, led the audience in singing “Sweet Caroline”.

During an interview with journalist Anthony Mason on CBS Sunday Morning, the 82-year-old musician admitted that he was in a state of denial for the first year or two after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2018.

“I wasn’t prepared to accept it,” the musician said, recalling the moment the doctor told him about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. “I simply replied, ‘Alright, I’ll see you when you need to see me, but I have work to do, so I’ll catch up with you later’.”

Neil Diamond, the singer-songwriter known for popular hits like “Sweet Caroline” and “Cracklin’ Rosie,” revealed that accepting his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis has brought him a sense of calm.

Neil Diamond expressed that he had a desire to create a musical, which he believes is a common aspiration for songwriters and performers.


As the show was being developed, Diamond informed the producers and writers that he wanted it to be presented “warts and all.” He acknowledged that he did not necessarily enjoy the unflattering parts, but he wanted them included nonetheless.

In the musical, Will Swenson portrays a young Neil Diamond whose intense ambition causes the breakdown of two marriages. Mark Jacoby takes on the role of the older Diamond, who still grapples with self-doubt.

Diamond himself revealed that the show played a significant role in his therapy, but also admitted that he found it difficult to watch some of the scenes that depicted his life.

Nearly five years after retiring, Neil Diamond surprised the audience by performing at his own Broadway show.

According to the Grammy-winning artist, he has only recently started to accept his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in “the last few weeks.”


Diamond expressed that he is not fond of his condition, but he has come to terms with it, saying “this is me; this is what I have to accept. And I’m willing to do it.” He believes that he has been dealt a hand by God and he intends to make the best of it.

Neil Diamond struggled to accept his diagnosis partly because he felt that he had led an incredibly fulfilling life, but he didn’t always fully appreciate it at the time.

Neil Diamond acknowledged that there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s disease and that he cannot simply ignore it and move on. However, he has learned to accept his limitations and still experiences wonderful days.

Despite his condition, Neil Diamond has learned to accept his limitations while still having great days. Music continues to bring him joy, and he acknowledges that he can still sing. He describes the experience of singing as a unifying force between his mind and body, which results in a wonderful feeling.

Neil Diamond’s Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2018 caused him to cancel the Australian leg of his 50th-anniversary tour. He had previously performed concerts throughout the United States and Europe before retiring from touring.

During the CBS interview, Neil Diamond also discussed the Broadway musical “A Beautiful Noise,” which premiered in December 2021 and is based on his life and music.

During the interview, Diamond shared his feelings about the Broadway musical “A Beautiful Noise,” which is based on his life and music. He described the show as a form of psychotherapy that was difficult to watch at times, but ultimately helped him come to terms with his past.

At the musical’s opening night, Diamond surprised the audience with a singalong of his iconic hit “Sweet Caroline,” marking one of his first public performances since retiring. Despite his Parkinson’s diagnosis, Diamond still enjoys singing and feels that it brings all the systems in his mind and body together.

Reflecting on his life, Diamond acknowledges that he has had a remarkable career and feels grateful for the experiences he’s had.


What are some of Neil Diamond’s biggest hits?

Neil Diamond has had many popular songs over his career, including “Sweet Caroline,” “Song Sung Blue,” “Cracklin’ Rosie,” and “America.”

How long has Neil Diamond been making music?

Neil Diamond has been making music for over 50 years, with his first hit song “Solitary Man” released in 1966.

Has Neil Diamond won any awards for his music?

Yes, Neil Diamond has won numerous awards for his music, including induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011 and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

Is Neil Diamond still performing?

Neil Diamond retired from touring in 2018 due to Parkinson’s disease, but he has continued to release new music and make occasional public appearances.

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