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Pathu Thala Movie Review: A Gangster Film

“Pathu Thala” is a gangster film featuring Tamil actor Simbu in the lead role. The film…
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“Pathu Thala” is a gangster film featuring Tamil actor Simbu in the lead role. The film, directed by Obeli N Krishna, follows the story of a gangster named Varadharajan who rises to power in the criminal underworld.

While the film is predictable in terms of its storyline and characters, Simbu’s performance holds the attention of the audience and makes it an engaging watch.

Simbu is in his element as a ruthless and charismatic gangster. His screen presence and dialogue delivery are impressive and he manages to hold the audience’s attention throughout the film.

The other actors in the film, including Gautham Karthik and Priya Bhavani Shankar, deliver decent performances but are overshadowed by Simbu’s portrayal of Varadharajan.

The film’s cinematography and music are also noteworthy, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the film. The action sequences are well-choreographed and add to the film’s entertainment value.

Overall, “Pathu Thala” may not break new ground in terms of its story or characters, but Simbu’s performance makes it an enjoyable watch. If you are a fan of gangster films or Simbu’s work, then this movie is definitely worth a watch.

“Pathu Thala” is a Tamil film directed by Obeli N Krishna, which is a remake of the Kannada hit “Mufti” that was inspired by Al Pacino’s “Donnie Brasco”.

Despite not playing the typical hero and having limited screen time in the beginning, Silambarasan TR (Simbu) still manages to make a significant impact in the film. This is a bold move for Simbu, who has recently delivered two successful films.

The plot of Pathu Thala is not particularly unique and has been explored in numerous Indian films before. Gautham Karthik stars as Sakthivel, an undercover police officer assigned to infiltrate the gang of AGR (played by Silambarasan TR), the most feared gangster in the region whom even the local government fears.

AGR is a mysterious figure who is rarely seen, and when the Tamil Nadu chief minister goes missing, the authorities suspect AGR’s involvement.

Despite having a limited screen time, Silambarasan really shines in his role and elevates the film with his presence. The finale action sequence is a major highlight, and the way it’s shot and presented leaves the viewer feeling excited.

Gautham Karthik also gets to shine in a role he hasn’t played before, and his massy introduction sequence is another highlight. However, the women in the film are let down by poorly written characters, and Priya Bhavani Shankar could have been used more effectively.

The music and score by AR Rahman help the film work as a whole.

Film: Pathu Thala

Directed By: Obeli N Krishna

In summary, although Pathu Thala may not be a great film for those who have watched the original, it is still worth watching for the lead actors and some standout moments.

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